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Hi! I am a visual artist with curly hair that are almost-always smoothened. I am originally from Kolhapur, MH but was brought up in Bangalore, KA and have lived here ever since. Having done my Bachelors in Visual Art (Applied Art), I am also a fine artist. Four years into being a full-time designer, I got an insight into my life that made me realise that I want to wake up happy every single day of my life. Yes, every single day. So what did I do to achieve that? I quit my job. Suffice to say, I now wake up in peace, make my morning cup of chai and begin my work day at 2 in the afternoon. So happy :)

I have a little balcony that I love. I almost always carry a pocket-sized sketchbook everywhere I go. I almost never remember to carry my earphones. I am not the biggest fan of lipsticks, hot weather, parties and reptiles. I enjoy reading late into the night and picking up where I left off first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. I cook meals sometimes and fall exhausted into my beautiful, red armchair once I’m done. I love natural light and breezes. I love winters. I hope to visit Iceland someday.

Today, I live by myself, pay my bills on time and thank god for this wonderful life!


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