Two and a Half Men in Gouache

We’re in that stage of lockdown where we’re re-watching Two and a Half Men and laughing at every joke. This scene, where Alan threatens to leave Charlie’s home, Jake in tow, and is standing at the door, made for a lovely composition. As I watched this scene, I could visualise how it would look if I painted this composition using gouache. I think that’s the thing about Gouache. It gets you observing everything around you in the form of whole bunch of odd shapes.

A still from Two and a Half Men

This painting surprisingly succeeded more than half my expectations. No doubt, it was challenging, especially the walls, where my lack of experience in mixing the exact shades and understanding light is extremely evident.


Enjoy the super speedy video 👇🏼 At the humble request of the artist, we wont be discussing the faces tyvm 🙏🏼

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