Painting with gouache from photographs

I think it’s been a month since I started taking gouache seriously. If I’m browsing online, I’m trying to find good photographs that I can translate into a gouache painting. I am searching for random photographs in my library, that I may find interesting, to study colours, layering the paint, how to approach gouache in the first place.

Previous studies below. I can’t believe how much magenta I DID NOT add to this entire painting 😳 almost like I’m blind or something.

Below, is my first photograph study for gouache. I used the Arches Watercolour – Cold Press – 300 GSM paper for this one. If you’re also a fellow gouache discoverer and painter like me, I urge you to try different papers, especially the ones specially made for water colours. Since gouache is a water-based pigment, and since it’s beauty lies in layers, water colour papers of 300 GSM tend to work best with it.

As for the paints, Brustro Artists Gouache Colours do the job best for beginners.

Despite my growing efforts, I have entrusted my paintings to bring home some loose change while they’re being affordable and hence, the original paintings are for sale here. Please do have a look. If this sticks, I’ll have an income from doing something I absolutely love doing 💜😂😭

other original gouache paintings for sale

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